June Horoscopes: All the feels

Feelings! We’ve all had them knock us on our butts from time to time. And we’ll be honest: a lot of folks could get punched right in the feels this month. Whether it’s relationship drama, finances, or just the fact that the world feels like way too much sometimes, as temperatures rise, June might challenge you to keep your cool.

You’re usually not one to get super in-your-feels about anything, least of all matters of the heart. Some new thoughts and feelings have been bubbling up in your relationship, and it’s tempting to want to act on them ASAP. Remember that sometimes feelings can’t be thought through—they have to be felt. Your love interest also might be in a heavier place than you right now, which can make it even harder to fast-forward through these new feelings that are surfacing. Take some time to get out of your heads and play together (maybe a night-in with some new toys?), especially towards the end of the month.

Feeling like you want to curl up in your little crab shell and hide lately? You’re feeling all your feelings extra hard this month, and we get it—the world is rough out there. The good news, though, is that there’s a bunch of bright and sunshiney things coming your way. Random acts of kindness will help draw you out of your shell, and you’ll feel especially loved and appreciated by a partner, love interest, and/or close friend this month. Feel crabby when you need to, but don’t forget that you are loved!

There’s been some big-time energy building inside you, and it could be that this month gives you the opportunity to release it—but it might not be the glorious lion’s roar you’re hoping for. You know how it can be tough for you to stand down when you get heated? That’s especially true this month, so if you feel a hot-tempered conflict simmering in your relationship, remember: you gotta choose your battles. And by the end of the month, things will have cooled off enough that you’ll be feeling a lot more generous and loving towards everybody, including your partner.

You basically need the mental equivalent of a fidget spinner this month. Try to avoid getting all over-analytical on yourself, and instead turn some of that mental energy outward. Enjoy some close-to-home creature comforts (like a home-cooked meal!), whether with your partner or solo. And regardless of your relationship status, make sure to to enjoy some of the amazing sexual energy that is sizzling in your life lately! A mind-erasing orgasm might be just what your brain needs to chill out a bit this month.

If relationship hiccups come up this month, use them as a chance to take a bit more initiative to restore the balance of give-and-take with your partner. You’re all about finding balance, so this will come naturally to you! And you’re feeling especially decisive and powerful this month, which means you’ll be extra confident communicating your emotional needs to your partner. You may discover that by making space for conversation, you’re also creating an opportunity for your loved one to be vulnerable in a way neither of you knew they needed.

People don’t always know how emotionally vulnerable you are. And it’s that vulnerability that drives you to create security in your relationships, friendships, career—basically everything you depend on. But you can’t completely weatherproof everything in your life, and there might be some storms headed your way this month that will shake up the security you’ve built for yourself. The best way out is always through, and fortunately there’s some extra luck in your corner right now that will help you deal with this more positively than usual. Just let go where you need to let go, hold on where you need to hold on, and everything will be okay.

You might feel like the only person standing on solid ground this month, as so many of the people around you are adrift in deep emotional seas—and one of them might be your partner. The support you give them will be well-intentioned but might come across as disconnected or apathetic. Rather than trying to cheer them up with a brand new uplifting life philosophy, just let them get it all out. They need you to listen and empathize, not fix everything for them. Lighter times are on their way towards the end of the month!

Stoicism is basically a part of your personal brand at this point, but it isn’t always the best way to handle your emotions. You might be feeling more emotionally needy than usual this month, which is fine! It’s really, truly okay to call upon your friends/family/partner/all of the above for help when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life. That might not feel natural to you, but it’s extra important to take it easy on yourself this month. Sometimes there’s just too much for one person to handle, and that’s okay.

There’s some pretty intense stuff going on around you this month, which might make you feel like you’re in the eye of a hurricane. You’re just way more focused on some personal goals than you are on the drama. But it will be tough to maintain that distance when your partner or one of your close friends gets caught in the storm and needs you to be there for them. You might find offering a shoulder to cry on makes you a little uncomfortable, but you also know that you’ve gotta put in the time for the people who matter to you.

Being a very feely fish, you know how it feels to get caught up in overwhelming emotions. There will be some especially big emotional ripples in your pond this month, and some might be coming from your relationship. But what’s great is that there’s some new emotional strength building within you that will make you feel empowered to develop deeper intimacy with your love through communication. It might be tough, but if you stick to it through the challenges, it will be worth it.

Avoiding serious or difficult relationship conversations is a very Aries move, but you’ll find some new ways to build strong communication with your partner this month. You’ll notice yourself feeling serene and cool-headed during conversations that might normally elevate your heart rate. Creating a strong foundation for you and your partner to understand one another will be especially important towards the end of the month, when your love life will demand a lot more emotional sensitivity than feels natural for you.

You might feel like you’re spending a lot of your relationship energy worrying about money… and more specifically, the give-and-take of money between you and your partner. Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re picking up the check or covering a bill more often than they are lately. It’s not that you’re materialistic. It’s just that you’re putting a lot of yourself ($$$ and otherwise) into your relationship, and you want to make sure your significant other will meet you halfway. Think of this as a chance to see how well you two can communicate about something as sensitive and important as finances.


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