Sex in the news: August 2019 edition

We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite articles about sexual health and birth control from the past month to make it really easy for you to get the facts on the things that could affect your health.

  1. Getting an IUD? Here’s How Long It Will Take For You to Be Fully Protected (POPSUGAR)

    Thinking about getting an IUD? This article covers how long different types of IUDs take to start preventing pregnancy after insertion.

  2. How To Tell If A Sexual Health Resource Is Legit, According To A Sex Educator (Bustle)

    The internet is filled with all kinds of misinformation. Bedsider writer Emma McGowan walks through how to find a legit sexual health resource online and lists her 5 faves in this article (hey, we’re #2!).

  3. Your Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Birth Control (Refinery29)

    A lot is going on in the birth control space these days, making it more difficult to navigate the system and get birth control. This article goes through three key steps to accessing birth control, from getting a prescription to paying for it.

  4. Can I Get Pregnant On My Period? 7 Intimacy Myths Experts Say Are True (Bustle)

    Wondering if peeing after sex really can help prevent UTIs and if period sex can actually get you pregnant? This article covers 7 things about sex that some people think are myths but that are actually true. (In fact it’s totally possible to ovulate while you’re on your period or immediately after, so find a method of birth control that works for you and stick to it, regardless of where you are in your cycle.)

  5. Exactly How to Talk to Your Partner About Birth Control (Marie Claire)

    Don’t wait until you’re between the sheets to talk about your birth control plan. Speaking to each other early on in the process is key to making sure you’re both on the same page and protected. Even if you’re on birth control, it’s important to talk about STIs and what happens if you have a method mishap. This article gives you tips on how to have this conversation first.

  6. 9 Things Your Gyno Wishes You’d Ask at Your Next Appointment (Cosmopolitan)

    Heading to the gynecologist soon for your annual checkup? Sometimes we might not want to ask all the questions that lie deep in our brains, but our gynecologists can help with more than we think. Here are nine things you may not realize your gynecologist actually wants you to ask about.

  7. When He Throws Your Birth Control Pills in the Garbage (VICE)

    Reproductive coercion is a form of intimate partner violence that can include things like taking off a condom during sex without permission or threatening violence if you don’t get pregnant. This article goes into detail about how to spot this form of abuse and what to do if you’re in this situation.

    If you believe you are being coerced into decisions regarding your reproductive health, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or get a quick response from a peer advocate at LoveisRespect by texting “loveis” (capitalization does not matter) to 22522.

  8. 13 Things To Ask Your Doctor About Your Birth Control (Bustle)

    From side effects to benefits to effectiveness, starting or changing your birth control method can bring up lots of questions. It’s important to talk to your provider to find a method of birth control that works for you. This article list 13 questions to ask your provider about your birth control method.

  9. What You Should Know About Your Vaginal Health Before College (Teen Vogue)

    Heading off to college comes with a lot of firsts, and for many people, new sexual experiences. Check out this article to find the answers to your biggest sexual health questions.

  10. 5 Period Sex Hacks, Because You Deserve Good Sex All Month Long (Bustle)

    Just because you have your period doesn’t mean your sex life has to come to a halt. Plus, sex on your period can alleviate some of those annoying cramps and pains. This article lists 5 sex hacks to make sure you can enjoy sex no matter what time of the month it is.

Written by Jacqueline Pelella, MA

Jacqueline Pelella, MA is the Manager of Communications at Power to Decide. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from American University and is a strong advocate for sexual and reproductive rights. In her spare time she enjoys getting out into nature, spending time with her Boston Terrier, and listening to Adele on repeat.

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