Sex in the news: December 2019 edition

The smell of snow is in the air, everyone’s checking out of work and school, and you’re ready to get into the holiday spirit, but first, catch up on the latest sex in the news. We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite articles about sexual health and birth control from the past month to make it really easy for you to get the facts on the things that could affect your health.

  1. 4 Common Misconceptions People Still Have About Sex & Disability (mindbodygreen)

    One of the most common myths surrounding disability and sex is that disabled people can’t or don’t have sex, which is flat-out wrong. Check out this piece which dives into and breaks down four common myths about sex and disability.

  2. Researchers Make Progress Toward a Monthly Birth Control Pill (TIME)

    A monthly birth control pill? Sign us up! Researchers have designed a new type of pill that lasts for an entire month, which would reduce worries about missed pills and give people more control over their contraception. But hold up. It’s not quite ready yet and it might be a few more years until we see something like this reach the market. Check out TIME’s article to learn more about this innovation.

  3. Does Your Period Cause Acne? Experts Explain Why Hormones Are To Blame (Romper)

    If having your period once a month isn’t enough, acne revolting is the cherry on top. There’s nothing worse than waking up with cramps, pain, and a newfound pimple on your face. Wondering why this happens to you? Check out this piece which discusses what your hormones are doing before and during your period that might cause that unwanted acne to pop up.

  4. Missed a Birth Control Pill? An Ob-Gyn Explains What You Should Do Next (POPSUGAR)

    We all have those busy days where we’re running around and forget to take our birth control, whether that’s right when you wake up or before you hit the pillow at night. If you ever have missed a pill or wonder what to do when that happens, check out this article where an OB-GYN explains what you should do next, each type of birth control is different. Also check out our comprehensive guide that breaks down how to handle a missed pill by type of pill and by where you are in the pill pack.

  5. How long it takes for condoms, birth control pills, and other types of birth control to expire (Insider)

    Expiration dates don’t just apply to the milk in your fridge, they apply to your condoms, spermicide, and birth control pills too! This article dives into expiration dates for the most common forms of birth control. Take a read, then go check the expiration dates on your method(s).

  6. 7 myths about queer sex you should stop believing now (Insider)

    Many misconceptions about queer sex persist, stemming from lack of sex education and misrepresentations in the media. Insider tackles 7 common misconceptions surrounding queer sex today. While you’re at it, check out our real stories about using birth control as an LGBTQ person.

  7. Why Is My Birth Control Pill Making Me Sick? (Refinery29)

    Ever feel a little queasy after taking your birth control pill? You’re not alone. This article explains why the pill can cause nausea and what you can do to overcome it if this happens to you.

  8. How to get the birth control that’s right for you (Insider)

    Going on a birth control method (or switching methods) comes with many questions. In addition to all the considerations about which method is right for you in terms of your lifestyle, periods, and desire to use or avoid hormones, you then have to consider the accessibility and affordability of various methods. This article covers how to get birth control, with or without insurance. While you’re at it check out our method explorer and where to get it page.

  9. Exactly What to Do If a Condom Breaks During Sex, According to Experts (POPSUGAR)

    A broken condom isn’t ideal, but don’t panic if it happens to you. This article covers how to handle it in the moment and what to do to help prevent it from happening again.

  10. An Ob-Gyn Explains How Your Next Period Might Change After Taking the Morning-After Pill (POPSUGAR)

    Emergency contraception can really come in handy when you’re in a pickle. It can also have some side effects that it’s good to know about in advance. In this article, a health care provider explains how and why taking it might cause spotting or affect your next period.

Written by Jacqueline Pelella, MA

Jacqueline Pelella, MA is the Manager of Communications at Power to Decide. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from American University and is a strong advocate for sexual and reproductive rights. In her spare time she enjoys getting out into nature, spending time with her Boston Terrier, and listening to Adele on repeat.

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