5 exercises to improve your flexibility in bed

Get summer ready in the only way that matters

Now that it’s finally summer, long, sexy nights are just around the corner. Is your body ready? Don’t get it twisted—the sexiest summer bod is the one that’s already staring back at you in the mirror. We’re not talking about changing how your body looks but rather how to get it loosened up, limber, and ready for some summer lovin’.

One easy way to access your inner summer siren is to get physical before you have sex. Stretches and simple exercises can increase your flexibility and improve blood flow. Try these fun, simple activities to get you ready to swing from the chandeliers, if that’s your thing. And remember, if an exercise hurts, listen to your body and adjust, slow down, or stop.

1. Loosen up those hips for missionary

If the missionary position is your jam, a knee to chest stretch will do wonders for your hips. Try these options on for size: keep one leg flat while holding the other knee to your chest for a deeper stretch, then switch; or hold both knees to your chest. Get help from your partner for a sexy twist on this exercise.

2. Cat-cow pose in case it’s going down doggy style

The Chakravakasana yoga pose, or cat-cow stretch, helps bring flexibility to your spine and back. Plus, being down-on-all-fours literally puts you in the right position for hanky-panky!

3. Frog pose for the next time you want to jump someone’s bones

Also known as the Mandukasana, frog pose targets your hips and groin muscles. Hanging out in frog pose for 10 seconds—or as long as you comfortably can—will get your muscles loose and ready for practically any sexual position.

4. A gentle side split to get ready for the main event

Don’t worry if front splits usually give you the blues. It’s all about honoring what your body is capable of doing in the moment. A side split can be achieved by either lying flat on your back or seated upright against a wall for greater support. This stretch works your hamstrings, hip flexors, and abs.

5. A Kegel a day makes your vag say, “Yay!”

First of all, yes, Kegels definitely count as exercise. Stronger pelvic floor muscles can improve the intensity of your orgasms, as well as contribute to bladder control. Best of all, you can do kegel exercises anywhere or anytime, as often as you like.

These exercises and many others can act as a flexibility warm-up before the sexual “big game.” Cramps during sex are no fun; a quick stretch daily helps prevent those annoying twinges in the heat of the moment. But you don’t have to be able to twist yourself into a pretzel—unless that’s your sweet spot. And don’t feel pressured to achieve greater flexibility solely for someone else’s comfort. Sex is all about maximizing your pleasure (alone or with a partner) and feeling confident in your sexiness. Best of all, there’s just something about bending over in a stretch that gives you the best naughty flashbacks. Go get ‘em, tiger.

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