Y'all love your birth control, and we can't blame you

Happy Thanks, Birth Control week!

This week, we celebrated Thanks, Birth Control Day, our favorite holiday of the year. And people showed up in droves to talk about why they love their birth control and what it’s made possible in their lives. Here are some of our favorite reasons you said you love your BC:

1. For letting us focus on the cutest babies ever

2. Because not having a period is f*cking awesome

3. For helping us achieve greatness in our careers

4. For having our backs while we’re in the backcountry

5. For being our longest relationship

6. For letting us get our freak on

7. For reducing our risk of cancer

8. Because those exes weren’t great in retrospect

9. For letting us choose how many kids we want (if any)

10. For letting us decide if and HOW we start a family

11. Because it makes our skin dewy AF

12. For helping with endo

13. For helping us break cycles

14. Because there should only be one Elevator of Blood

15. Because snow babies are enough responsibility

16. For being our rock in these uncertain times

17. For preventing our teen pregnancies

18. Because we’re expensive enough on our own


P.S. Special thanks to our 2020 Thanks, Birth Control sponsors: PRJKT Ruby, TherapeuticsMD, Agile Therapeutics, TwentyEight Health, GoodRx, Foundation Consumer Healthcare, Nurx, and the JPB Foundation.