Here’s why we loved Dr. Jennifer Lincoln’s new book, Let’s Talk About Down There

A new book from TikTok’s favorite ob-gyn answers all your burning questions

The internet is truly a blessing and a curse. While we love that you can get all the details about sexual health, check out your options for birth control, and find a health care provider with just a click, we do NOT love that anyone and everyone can claim to be an expert. That’s why we’re so thankful for providers who have stepped out of the exam room and into the world of social media!

With over two million followers on TikTok, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln is leading the charge to make sure people are getting accurate, evidence-based info about their bodies. And her new book answers the burning questions that many people have about sex, vaginas, birth control, and everything in between, so we were really excited to get our hands on a copy!

Here are some of our favorite topics that are covered in the book:

Along with all the medical information that Dr. Lincoln provides, her book also spills all the most important tea about virginity, purity culture, desirability, and so much more. Grab your copy today and get reading!

Written by Keyo Wakudumo

Pauline Wakudumo (Keyo) is the Digital Programs Coordinator for Power to Decide, where she primarily works on to improve abortion access. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and is passionate about reproductive justice and working on issues of social equity. Outside of work, Keyo enjoys baking, reading, and watching Love Island with her roommates.

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