The worst people on "Love is Blind" season 2

Spoiler alert, trigger warning, etc.

We could’ve made a list of our favorite people on Love is Blind season 2, but honestly, this is more fun. Here we go.

1. Shayne’s cropped pants

The only thing Shayne has more of than the audacity is cropped pants. The sheer amount of exposed ankle—we’re talking upwards of 5 inches—begs the question, “Is it ankle, or is it calf at this point?”

2. Shake’s solo trip to Nobu

Of all the unhinged things Shake said after being left at the altar, bragging about going to Nobu like he’s in an episode of Sex and the City from 1998 is right at the top of the list.

3. Nick’s wedding day jacket sweat

Nick, Nick, Nick. Obviously no one told him that the key to tricking your friends and family (and yourself) into believing you’re feeling great about getting married is head-to-toe antiperspirant. On the other hand, we’ve never seen someone sweat all the way through a suit jacket, so that’s…impressive?

4. Trisha


5. The frosted gold wine glasses

Is it just us, or did it truly feel like the gold wine glasses had their own storyline? Oh, we’re in the pods? So are the gold wine glasses. In the new shared apartments? So are the gold wine glasses. On a beach in Mexico? Gold wine glasses. At Wrigley Field? Gold wine glasses. At a funeral for our last shred of self-respect? Gold wine glasses got there first.

6. Nick Lachey

Vanessa, you can do better! You have all those dresses with the huge sleeves! Someone else is out there for you! You don’t have to stay married to this delusional baby carrot who cannot introduce himself without pointing out that everyone already knows who he is.

7. Shaina’s thumb engagement ring

Please. PLEASE. She PUT IT ON HER THUMB AND KEPT IT THERE, and Kyle was still like, “It’s going to work out.”

8. The misuse of the corn costume

We don’t put on the corn costume to have serious, sweaty talks. We put on the corn costume to party.


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