this normal?


We’ve heard a lot of questions about sex and sexual health here at Bedsider, and a great many of them start with, “Is it normal…?” Not to skip to the last page of the book or anything, but the answer is yes. Whatever the question, the answer is that it’s normal and it’s all good (as long as everyone involved is consenting, and you get checked out by a doctor when you need to). So here are some of the most frequently asked is it normal questions and their answers, which, again, are all yes.

Is it normal to have vaginal discharge?


Is it normal to have a higher sex drive than your partner?


Is it normal to have sexual fantasies that I would never want to act out in real life?

For sure.

Is it normal to use sex toys with a partner?


Is it normal to have a vulva that smells like a human body part and not flowers?


Is it normal for gross stuff to happen during sex?


Is it normal to have a kink and share it with a partner?

Oh, yes.

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