The best tips we’ve ever gotten from health care providers

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Over the years we’ve passed along so much great advice and info from sexual and reproductive health care providers. Here are just a few of our favorite tips:

1. Your period is not going to attract sharks (and other vacation sex tips)

Great news! You can go swimming when you’re on your period with only the regular level of fear about shark attacks. You should also know that sand in your vagina is not a great idea. In this article, an expert answers all of your burning vacation sex questions.

2. Vaginal discharge is completely normal

Did you know that it’s totally normal and expected for people with vaginas to have discharge after they go through puberty? Here’s everything you need to know about discharge, including what’s normal and what might be a sign to go get checked out.

3. You can start birth control right after an abortion

It may be hard to think about when you’re focused on getting an abortion, but you can actually get pregnant again pretty quickly after an abortion. This article answers some common questions about starting a birth control method after an abortion.

4. Using birth control now doesn’t affect your chances of getting pregnant in the future

There is so much misinformation out there about birth control. Thankfully, our experts are here to clear things up with a list of things your provider wishes you knew about birth control.

5. You don’t need ANY products at all to clean your vagina or vulva

Despite what the “feminine hygiene” aisle at your local drugstore would have you believe, your vagina does not need to be cleaned with anything at all, and your vulva can be cleaned with just water! Shocked? We’ve got more info where that came from.

6. The morning after pill and the abortion pill are not the same thing

Lots of people mistakenly think the morning after pill (emergency contraception), the birth control pill, and the abortion pill are all one thing. They’re not! In this article, a provider walks through how each one works and how and when to use them.

7. It’s okay to get a new provider if yours isn’t working for you

Actually, it’s not just okay to get a new provider if yours isn’t right for you, it’s a good idea! Finding a provider that’s a good fit for you and for your needs is absolutely essential to getting the care you deserve. This article covers key things to look for when you’re checking out a new provider.

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