How "Love is Blind" season 6 let us down

Let us count the ways

Don’t worry, we ate it up. We just have high expectations for those we love, so we’ve got a few bones to pick!

1. Not correcting questionable (totally wrong) info about birth control

No shade to Johnny and Amy, but their conversations about birth control made our heads spin. Y’all, if you desperately want to have kids in the future, a vasectomy is not a good choice of birth control for you. Also, if you don’t want to use hormonal birth control, that’s fine! You can still have sex! There are so many options without hormones! Netflix, if you’re listening, do us all a favor and put a link to our Method Explorer at the end of every episode next season.

That said, one thing we LOVED about Johnny and Amy’s conversations about birth control was the fact that they had them! They both did research, and Johnny was as invested in what birth control they were going to use as Amy was. That’s what we call a partner.

2. Putting up a billboard mocking Chelsea

Why would a major corporation like Netflix choose to bully someone about their appearance? Someone who was already being bullied all over the internet? If you haven’t heard, Netflix put up a literal, actual, physical billboard in LA mocking Chelsea for having said people tell her she looks like Megan Fox (WHICH SHE DOES, and we will die on that hill). How many executives signed off on that decision? Gross and very weird.

3. Allowing AD’s objectification

There’s so much to be said about the way AD was treated on the show. She was treated as a sexual object by both men and women, and she was very publicly subjected to menacing jokes verging on threats to sexually assault her (quick reminder to Jeramey and Laura that flicking someone’s breast nonconsensually is sexual assault!). Really, Jeramey and Laura should’ve been asked to kick rocks in open-toed shoes, but at the very least, it seems like a producer could’ve intervened to cut their horrible behavior off. AD is a full human being and deserves to be treated as such.

4. Not finding Kenny someone else IMMEDIATELY

Kenny, you deserve to be craved! If they don’t put that man on season 7, we’re going to riot.

5. Letting Clay get away with thinking of himself as a leader

Different relationship styles work for different people, and if you want to “follow” your husband, that is absolutely your choice. But maybe right now let’s not have that husband be Clay. Leaving your partner at the altar after clearly and strongly implying that you were going to say yes is not being a “leader.” Thinking you’re genetically destined to cheat on your partner is not being a “leader.” If anyone’s a leader, it’s AD! On the other hand, respect for Clay for his growth over the last year. He took himself from the wedding straight to therapy, which is exactly where he needed to go.

6. Not giving Margarita more airtime

Margarita, Clay’s mom, stole the show in the last episode when she confronted Clay’s dad and put him in his place (6 feet underground) about his cheating and the ways that his behavior damaged their son. Margarita was the perfect antidote to Clay’s father strutting around giving Clay advice like he knows anything. As a matter of fact, let’s just replace Nick Lachey with Margarita, and let her host the show with Vanessa. We’d be on the edge of our seats waiting for the professional-level takedown of all the disrespectful partners at next season’s reunion.

7. Casting Trevor

Talk about a slow-motion trainwreck. At first, we loved Trevor—a seemingly lovestruck, devoted, emotionally expressive potential spouse for Chelsea. But the truth has come out in the last few weeks, and boy did it come out all the way. Going on the show while already in a relationship? Texting that person as soon as he got his phone back to say he loved her and wanted to marry her? All while telling Chelsea he loved and wanted to marry her?? And the fact that Nick and Vanessa showed all of us the receipts??? YIKES. It also genuinely seems like Trevor’s mental health is not okay at all, and Netflix did wrong by not providing enough psychological support for him (we assume) or for anyone else on the cast. We went from “protect Trevor at all costs!” to “someone needs to check on Trevor” real fast.

8. Not including any queer couples

Fix it.

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