We love a mighty fine cocktail, but have you tried doing it sober?

Okay, it’s true. Most of us have a sex story (or quite a few stories) that begin something like this: “One time, I was totally hammered and…”

Alcohol can make sex seem more fun because it lowers your inhibitions. The thing is, it can also have some pretty negative effects on your sexual function. Being drunk can actually reduce your capability to get turned on. It also tends to inhibit orgasm, and it can actually decrease female lubrication.

We’re not saying, “don’t drink.” But if you have a tendency to always do it drunk, give sex a try without the liquor. Does it feel different? Do you remember more? Are there things you like to do when you’re drunk that you don’t like to do when you’re sober? Tune into your body and find out.

Enjoy the weekend,

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