Calling for backup: How you and your friends can look out for each other

We know you and your friends are all smarty-pants. Still, it never hurts to make a plan that’ll keep you safe when you’re out together. Here are some ideas:

No friend left behind: Have everyone agree that nobody gets left behind at a bar, party, concert, club, anywhere. A friend can be trashed, pushy, pissed off, or with some guy who swears he’ll take care of her. Doesn’t matter. If you go out together, you leave together. It’s the best way to guarantee that you make it home without any problems.

Stay connected: The reality is you’ll probably get separated at some point. The key is not to isolate yourself. Tell each other where you’re going, even if it’s to the bathroom, out to the car, up to the DJ booth, etc. If one of you doesn’t return, check up on each other. Don’t blow it off. If the place is sketchy, bring a friend wherever you go.

Code words: Have a secret word that you can whisper, shout, write out, or text. Agree to use it only when you need someone to get you out of a situation. Guy coming on way too strong? Make eye contact with a friend, wave them over, and work the code word into the conversation. That’s how she knows to get you away from whatever – or whoever – is bugging you. Sounds kind of weird…until you need it.

Here’s one last piece of advice: Unless you really, really know who you’re dealing with, agree that none of you will go off alone with a guy. Living in the moment is a good thing, but when it comes to a guy you just met five minutes ago, it can be risky. We’re all about having fun and hooking up. Just be smart about it.

Be safe out there,

P.S. The safety thing goes for sex too.

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