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The Frisky Friday Top Five: Movie kisses!

Like a really hot kiss, this list could go on and on. But we only have time for a quickie. Here are five of our most recent favorite on-screen make-out sessions to melt the winter chill.

  1. Star Trek: Spock and Uhura’s sexy blend of logic and passion made the Vulcan/human thing hard to resist. Plus Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana are smoking hot.

  2. Juno: It was the song. That sweet, sweet song made us love the last kiss.

  3. Slumdog Millionaire: It’s all about anticipation. What made the kiss so perfect was the intricate, heart-wrenching story that led up to it.

  4. The Notebook: Relentlessly romantic. The kissing’s even better because it was real.

  5. Twilight: Love it. Hate it. Team Edward. Team Jacob. All that aside, this movie made us want to kiss vampires.

When was the last time you watched a favorite film, one with an awesome kiss? Might make the weekend a little more fun…


P.S. All that kissing could mean that one things leads to another…make sure you’re prepared!

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