Owning your curves: How to love your body just as it is

Make sure you’re seeing yourself for everything you are.

Your butt doesn’t matter. Neither does your bra size. Yep, that goes for your weight too and the shape of your legs, hips, and thighs. Magazines, movies, and the media might give you another impression, but don’t believe the hype. You are juicy, luscious, and lovely. Right here. Right now.

Unfortunately, that’s easy to type and not always easy to believe. PMS. Break ups. Supermodels. Bad days. Health issues. Life has a way of throwing things in our path that can make us feel inadequate, insecure, or unattractive. On those days, some of us look in the mirror, see a distorted version of ourselves, and nothing’s good enough.

But what if you could stop that? What if you could turn self-loathing into feeling good?

Try this: The next time you feel bad about your body, tell your inner critic to STFU.

We admit that sounds a little extreme, but beating yourself up and being snarky only makes things worse. You will feel better if you figure out the most loving, kind thing you could do for yourself and do it.

That might mean talking to yourself. Go with things you’d say to a best friend if she needed cheering up. Replace all the negative stuff you think or say with good stuff. You don’t have to be perky. Just be positive.

Or try yoga to make you feel alive, fit, and strong. If nothing else, you’ll boost your endorphins, tame the bad mood, and feel better in your body. You could also treat yourself to a new lip gloss, bubble bath, some art supplies, or anything that’s a pick-me-up. (A little shopping therapy and self-indulgence never hurt a girl.) There’s also calling someone and venting. Body image stuff is universal, so chances are good that someone in your life will understand and relate to you.

Bottom line: In the moment there is always an action you can take that supports you instead of tearing you down.

Go with the supportive action. Be compassionate toward yourself. And own every inch of your curves.

Your view of you is all that matters. Make sure you’re seeing yourself for everything you are.


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