Dating and sex around the world: First stop, Japan

Next time you’re in Japan, here are a few things you might discover when you and your samurai hit the streets or the sheets.

PDA. Traditional Japanese couples don’t usually show affection towards each other in public. Kissing is thought to be a part of foreplay and something that should happen in private. But this sentiment is changing, so if you want to sneak a kiss, do it.

The Biggest One You’ll Ever See. While you’re checking out the cherry blossoms, try to catch the Kanamara Penis Festival in Kawasaki Daishi. This ancient fertility festival features hundreds of huge penis statues, penis candy, penis candles…you get the picture.

Bring Condoms. And use them! Couples in Japan mostly use the withdrawal method and the guys aren’t keen on condoms. At all. So if you have sex, make sure he puts one on. Seriously.

Hang-ups and Hook-ups. Unlike Western culture, Japanese culture traditionally hasn’t linked sex with guilt, shame, or taboos. Premarital sex isn’t associated with sin the way it is in other cultures. Instead, in Japan, sex is regarded as a natural urge. Sex outside one’s marriage is even somewhat normal there. It’s also perfectly acceptable for Japanese men – married and single – to read porn in public. (And it’s everywhere.) It’s also common to go to soaplands or love hotels.

How Into It Are They? Even though the Japanese are clearly cool about sex, they might not get it on as much as you’d think. According to a sex survey conducted by Durex brand condoms, Japan is the least sexually active country. Supposedly, the Japanese only have sex 36 times a year on average, compared to the overall world average of 97 times a year.

Not sure we believe that survey. May have to fly to Tokyo and see for our selves.

Ja ne,

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