It’s ok to love babies and be on birth control at the same time

We love babies.

We’ll snuggle them; make them smile; wipe drool; sniff their yummy/sweet baby scent; bounce them in our arms for hours when nothing else will calm them; buy them funny hats; change stinky diapers; and let them teethe on our clean fingers if Sophie the Giraffe isn’t around.

That doesn’t mean we’re ready to have one of our own. Yet.

But, that doesn’t stop moms, dads, friends, aunties, grandmas, neighbors, and other assorted folk from asking when we’re gonna have one. They’ll do it when we have a great significant other who’d make a good parent. They ask when they think we’re getting too old. (Just say no to the baby panic.) They’ll give us “the look” when we’re holding our cousin’s kid. And our friend, who is already ready, asks because she wants us to have kids at the same time.

The truth is, all of that is fine. Let them ask. Questions you can handle. The financial, social, and physical impact of a baby is much harder to deal with. That’s why it’s smart to wait until you know you can handle having one.

So yeah. Babies rule. So does having one on your own terms, on your own timeline. When you’re ready you’ll know it. And if you’re never ready, you’ll know that too. Until then, staying on birth control is a great plan of action while you’re getting action. But if you get asked the “When are you going to have children?” question a lot, here are a few funny answers we like:

“Every time someone asks me that, I put it off another year.”

“It’s not in my nature to be mysterious, but I can’t talk about it and I can’t tell you why.“ (Say it in a whisper and drive them crazy.)

And the old standby, “When I’m ready. Why do you want to know?”

How do you handle baby pressure? Does it make you avoid the little ones so you don’t have to deal with the baby questions? Got any good comebacks when somebody asks you “when?”

Remember, always do what’s right for you,

P.S. Wondering if there’s a better birth control method for you? Explore your options.

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