There’s a first time for everything

Leaning into new experiences

You know when you think something amazing is about to happen—and you want it to happen—but you don’t know for sure if it will happen? That’s the good stuff right there.

But we don’t always realize it because big first moments can bring up big fear, insecurity, impatience, and nervousness. Promise us you won’t let that stop you from going for it, whatever it is.

First official date
You might have hung out a million times, but the first time you plan a one-on-one, romantic date, it’s different. Even if you know they’re into you, the nerves can be intense.

Expect to freak out a little and don’t fight it. Embrace it. It’s normal. Try to turn the focus toward how alive you feel and how no matter what happens on the date, you’re attracting all the right people and opportunities, and love is out there just waiting for you.

Bonus tip: Wear things that truly make you feel confident (because you come off sexy when you’re confident).

First kiss
Oh god, that first kiss always kind of takes your breath away. (That reminds us, breath mints are never wrong.) If you think that a first kiss might happen the next time you’re with someone, don’t over think it. You’re already on the rollercoaster, so enjoy the ride. The butterflies in your stomach are there to remind you that romance, love, and lust are a primal, passionate part of life.

Bonus tip: If it’s really driving you crazy, just walk up and kiss them on the lips to get it out of the way. It can be while you’re eating Popeye’s, at the movies, or discussing politics. Once that’s out of the way, you can focus on having fun with the kissing instead of worrying about it.

First sex
Anticipation, desire, and excitement can drive you deliciously crazy. And on the flipside, they can lead to unrealistic expectations that set you up to be let down. Do yourself a favor: if you know you’re about to have sex with someone for the first time, start by getting on a great method of birth control.

Then acknowledge how smart, strong, and beautiful you are. (Because we want you to have sex from a place of empowerment and feeling good about yourself.) Then indulge in some mood setting, whether that’s putting cozy sheets on the bed, getting a bikini wax (or not), or buying some candles (or chocolate body paint). And if the first time isn’t the best sex you’ve had, don’t worry. Practice makes perfect.

Bonus tip: Here’s a cool little guide on how to look good naked and it does not involve going to the gym or on a diet.

Try to relax and have fun,

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