Romantic rebels: Daring to date against type

There’s the kind of person who always turns your head. Then there’s the kind of person you’ve never really been into before.

Until that one day, when you tower over your shorter new crush (even though you only like tall guys). Or you begin flirting with a dashing older gent (even though you only date guys your age). Or you’re having dinner with a hot guy who’s divorced (even though you usually only romance men who’ve never been married). Or you make out with a bearded, shaggy dude (even though you’re normally only attracted to smooth faced, clean cut, preppy types).

Hasn’t happened yet? Well, life is deliciously messy and full of surprises, so you can bet that at some point you’ll lust after someone who’s totally not your type. What do you do when that happens? Grab it like you want it. Here’s how…

Allow it to happen.
You may resist what you’re not familiar with and ask yourself over and over again why you’re into someone who seems like the opposite of everything you’re usually into. Don’t do that. Trust your lust. If you’re feeling it – and if the person seems good for you – follow those feelings.

Approach it like an adventure.
Dating someone against type feels like traveling. All of the sudden you’re exposed to new music, food, films, books, people, places, and things. (And “things” could be awesome new sex positions, so get ready.) Sometimes the unfamiliar can trigger a little insecurity. Don’t let it. Feel confident with the new and different. You’re allowed to learn and grow and not know everything. Nobody will judge you for that (except asshats). Stay open. It’s a very sexy quality.

See where it goes.
Sometimes dating against type complicates things. You might feel like this person doesn’t fit into your scene. You may fear that other people won’t understand. Or worse, some might be prejudiced against your new fling. (Sadly, this can be especially true when dating someone of a different religion or race.) Ultimately, it’s your life and the heart wants what it wants. If you’re happy and it feels right, that’s good enough for now. So, stay in the now. Others can deal or suck it.

Go for it,

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