Taking it outside: How to have safe sex outdoors

Get in touch with nature

Having sex in the great outdoors is daring, adventurous, and wild. It’s also illegal in some places, so before you go down this road, make sure the coast is clear. (And make sure you’re not breaking the law.)

Find a campsite that has some privacy. We recommend avoiding popular family spots with kids and busy hiking trails. Once you find a nice, quiet spot, connect those sleeping bags and do it under a million stars. Feeling modest? Use a tent.

Sex on the Beach
On TV it looks amazing. In reality, sand gets everywhere, the waves push you around, and ocean water isn’t great inside your tunnel of love. We recommend spending a coconut-scented, sunshine-filled, surftastic day at the beach followed by sex in the shower back home. It’s safer all the way around. Just don’t slip.

In a Park, On a Rooftop, In a Cabana at a Resort
All of these locations seriously increase your chances of being seen or caught, so be extra sly and cautious. Large blankets, sleeping bags, or beach towels sort of hide what you’re doing. Nighttime also helps keep things discreet. Be fast, be quiet, be respectful, and try not to give anybody a show they didn’t sign up for.

Outside, things still get messy, so bring some wipes or towels to clean off. And since you’ll be focused on your surroundings and the heightened excitement, don’t forget to take care of your birth control before you start out. When things are this hot and you’re far from your room, don’t leave anything to chance. (Need to find a potent new method? We can help with that.)

One more thing: Don’t go for a roll in the poison oak.


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