Birth control spotlight: Hit me with your best shot

Introducing the Depo shot

It lasts for three awesome months of sex per shot. Has a 94% effective rate in preventing pregnancy. There’s nothing you have to remember to take daily or weekly. These are just a few of the reason why we’re fans of Depo-Provera.

Yes, it’s a shot and shots aren’t exactly fun to get, but this one is fun to use. Plus it makes life so much easier. We definitely place it in the “worth it” category.

Basically, the Depo shot is an injection of progestin, a hormone that prevents ovaries from releasing eggs. (This is a good option for women who cannot take estrogen.) You get the shot at you gyno’s office or health center every three months. Here’s a list of potential side effects, but most are not particularly common and they’re nothing compared to the life changing side effects of an unplanned pregnancy.

What else should you know about the Depo shot?

  • Nobody can tell you’ve had the shot. If you need to keep your birth control use private, this is a very discrete method.
  • It costs about $75 per shot. That’s $25 a month and comparable to what the pill costs.
  • When you’re ready to get pregnant, fertility usually returns 12 weeks to nine months after you stop getting shots.
  • Over 35 and a smoker? That increases certain risks if you use the shot, so you should probably opt for something else.
  • The shot does not protect against STIs. You’ll need a male or female condom for that.
  • If you’re over two weeks late for an injection, you may have to get a pregnancy test before your next procedure.

Our healthcare pros have answered a bunch of your questions about Depo-Provera. We’ve also got some great videos from women and men who actually use it, so check them out if you’re curious. And wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get the shot at no cost? See if you qualify for free birth control.

All this talk of shots puts a whole new spin on the word prick, doesn’t it?

Happy New Year and happy new birth control,

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