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Birth Control
Fact check: 10 things that aren’t birth control and 17 things that are
Including 10 legitimate non-hormonal BC methods
Birth Control
Can pharmacists really prescribe birth control?
In some states, yes!
Birth Control
5 signs it’s time to switch birth control methods
Because life’s too short, and you don’t have time for nonsense
Birth Control
Real Stories: Birth control from the boyfriend perspective
Watch 5 guys talk about their girlfriend’s birth control method.
Birth Control
Real Stories: 5 women on how birth control is helping them win their future
Birth control can help you focus on your goals without having to worry about an unplanned pregnancy.
Lifestyle and Inspiration
I have epilepsy. Am I loveable? Can I have sex? Be a good parent?
Having epilepsy won’t keep you from finding fulfillment in love, sex, and family. But I get why you ask.
Birth Control
Yay! Pharmacists in California can prescribe birth control too now
More good news from the left coast: Californians can get the pill, the patch, the ring, or the shot prescribed directly at the pharmacy.
Birth Control
Combined hormonal versus progestin-only birth control
Hormonal birth control methods are kinda like two happy families.
Birth Control
Depo SubQ: The do-it-yourself birth control shot
Three months of birth control in one shot, all in the privacy of your own home.
Birth Control
Stephanie, 23, the shot
It’s not constantly on my mind and I think that’s a great feeling.
Birth Control
A prick, a squeeze, and 3 months of birth control
Women in 69 countries may soon have access to Sayana Press, an affordable new birth control shot.
Birth Control
Gaining weight: Is it the birth control?
If those skinny jeans are feeling a bit too skinny, don’t assume your birth control is the cause.
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