In search of the G-spot

Mermaids, elves, and the Tooth Fairy are not real. Does your G-spot fall into this mythical category too?

While everybody’s heard of it and it’s supposed to be a magical source of epic orgasms, nobody ever seems to know exactly where it is or how it works. And now a bunch of scientists say it doesn’t really exist.

Fear not, ladies. There might not be a specific G-spot, but there is evidence that areas of your papaya are designed for increased pleasure. Here’s how to explore it.

Have fun
Orgasms stemming from this sensitive area trigger amazing contractions around your uterus that can create multiple orgasmic waves felt throughout the whole body. They’re known for being deeper, longer lasting, and stronger than other types of orgasms.

Be patient
No two women are alike, so you’ll have to experiment. Generally speaking, this sensitive area is inside you on the anterior wall (that’s the front) of the vagina between the pubic bone and the cervix. But that’s kind of vague for your vag. Here are some specific instructions on how to find this sensitivity zone on your own or with another person. (Notice that the guide is for finding the G-spot. Confusing? Don’t worry about it. The info is still relevant and helpful when looking for your awesome arousal area.)

Consistent pressure is the key to climaxing via this area. It might take a half hour or longer. It might not happen at all. Try to enjoy the journey and don’t put pressure on yourself to reach an O this way.

Pee first
Stimulating this erogenous area might cause you to feel like you’ve got to pee. It’ll be intense, but if you work through that I-have-to-pee sensation, they say that’s where the pay off is. Many women report that when you really feel like you’re about to urinate, it’s actually a sign that you’re about to reach orgasm.

Some find that persistent attention to this sensitive area becomes more and more pleasurable as the sex progresses, but others don’t enjoy the intensity. See for yourself. Either way, the only thing that matters is your comfort and safety, so just do what works for you. And use a fabulously reliable method of birth control if this expedition involves a guy.

Happy hunting,

P.S. We hope you’ll never need emergency contraception, but Bedsider can help you find it in case you do.

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