Are those SpongeBob bed sheets? What it’s really like to date younger guys

The perks and drawbacks

We’ve talked about dating a silver fox. Now it’s time to salute younger men. They can be eager, passionate, funny, wild, less rigid (except where it counts), and up for anything (exactly where it counts). And it’s kind of fun being the one with more worldly experience to share. But if your guy is too young you can run into maturity issues and other challenges. Here’s what we’ve encountered.

4-Years Younger (Or Less)
Life: This age difference isn’t very different at all. You’re basically having the same experiences at the same time.
Sex: You’re equals here too. Unless you have mismatched libidos, your sexual compatibility should be pretty good. Best to stock up on birth control.
Awkward? Nope. Unless he’s under-21 and gets busted using a fake ID while you’re out. That could be super bad.

10-Years Younger (Not 18 /8. Sheesh! Think 28/18.)
Life: When you’re 88 and he’s 78, this will not be a big deal. But if you’re 28 and he’s 18, it might feel like you’ve lived an adventurous life of intrigue and swagger while he was trying to make curfew to keep from getting grounded. Even if he’s extra smove, having ten more years of life experience puts you light years ahead of him in the school of life. And that might get old fast.
Sex: He’s ready to go when you are. Actually, he’s ready to go all the time. Enjoy. Just use a potent method of birth control because you’re entering your hormonal sexual peak around 28ish and this could get…frequent.
Awkward? It all depends on his maturity and willingness to meet you halfway. Some guys love older women and their confidence, perspective, and experience. Some guys are threatened by it.

20-Years Younger (For Future You)
Life: If you’re 40 and he’s 20, you’re going to need something in common in order to feel connected and compatible over time. When the relationship is new, it’ll be fun and exciting to discover things about each other. But past that stage—even though the sex may be smoking hot—you might have to work at sharing the same interests and wanting the same things at the same time.
Sex: Prepare yourself. He’s emerging from his hormonal sexual peak and you’re at a point in life where you know what you like in bed and how to make it happen. This could be deliciously bed-rocking. And we’ll say it here too: Have birth control on hand because you can get pregnant at 40.
Awkward? Maybe. This time it kind of depends on you. If you’re comfortable being older (and looking older) than him and his peers, then it’s no big deal. But some women fear that a younger man will eventually desire someone who looks and acts more their own age. (We’re looking at you, Ashton.)

Have you been with someone younger? Perks? Drawbacks? Tell us about it in the comments section.


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