Sex myths? Sex myths! You can handle the truth

Did you know that our Fact or Fiction video series obliterates 24 different sex myths? It’s true and there are more out there we’re ready to tackle. If you haven’t seen them, here’s the complete list. They’re illustrated, award-winning shorts—and they’re funny as hell—but don’t take our word for it. Click on one that jumps out at you, watch it, and let us know what you think.

  • Jump to conclusions: If you jump up and down can you shake sperm out after you got it on? Put the pogo stick away. The answer is no.
  • Downtown date: If you want to avoid STIs, is oral sex safer than sex-sex? We’ll set you straight on that.
  • Third time’s a charm: If you do it and do it and do it, does his sperm count decrease along with your risk of getting preggers? Sorry. He’s a sperm machine. Every. Single. Time.
  • Latex ex: Do rubbers really make him red and rashy? Well, some people do have latex allergies, but fortunately there are latex-free condoms for them.
  • Keep on suckin’: If you’re a new hot mama, can you get pregnant while breastfeeding? Unless you want baby #2, you’ll want to use birth control.
  • Double bragging: Are two condoms better than one? Find out.
  • Death tub: Hot tubs are sexy bubbling cauldrons of awesome. But if you have sex in one, you can still get pregnant.
  • Weight a minute: Here’s the deal… going on birth control does not guarantee you’ll gain weight.
  • Smeared and cleared: Don’t skip your pap smear. And don’t forget what it doesn’t cover when it comes to your annual exam.
  • Check, please: It’s your first day on your new birth control. Ready to eff like bunnies? Not so fast, Thumper.
  • Yo, no bros: Rumor has it that guys can’t buy over the counter emergency contraception. Oh yes they can.
  • Ring wrong: Can the NuvaRing—a do-me-now method of birth control—fling right out of your hooha?
  • 2 big to fit: What? He said he’s too big for a condom? Even if his johnson’s nickname is King Kong, we’re sure he can find one that fits.
  • The implanon conspiracy: So, they inject this kind of birth control in your arm and then what? (Good news: It’s not a GPS tracking chip.)
  • Chronic problems: Pot and sperm and babies. Three things you probably haven’t talked about today.
  • Pull and pray: Withdrawal. Pulling out. Coitus interruptus. Whatever you call it, we clear up the misperceptions.
  • Senseless acts: Can guys feel anything when they use a condom? Someone on Bedsider said it best, “Now let’s be honest, if he’s having an orgasm, he can obviously feel something.”
  • IUD IOU: Think there are a lot of rules for getting an IUD? Let us put your mind at ease.
  • Douche and don’ts: Have a Coke and a smile, but please—for the love of your yum yum—don’t douche with it. It’s no spermicide.
  • Hormone holiday: Are there special times—like going off the pill after being on it for years—when you can’t get pregnant? Nope.
  • The good, the bad, the barren: “I didn’t think I could get pregnant.” We hear it all the time, from pregnant women!
  • Grace period: A lot of people think you can’t get pregnant when having period sex. And all of them are wrong.
  • The big O no: Orgasm myths? We cover those too.
  • Itchy situation: Think you can tell if someone has an STI just by looking at them? No. Nope. Not happening.

One more thing: If there’s a sex myth you’d personally like us to clear up in a future Fact or Fiction video, please let us know in the comments section under this Frisky Friday. You never know when we’ll add it to our list.


P.S. Hey, those Bedsider edition Someecards are still making people spit out their coffee from laughter. Send one and see for yourself.