Help wanted: Three frisky careers we find fascinating

There are sexy jobs, determined by the awesome pay, perks, and power. And jobs with sex appeal. Then there are literal sex jobs, like adult film star, phone sex operator, escort, or exotic dancer, to name a few. Our short list of frisky careers honors sexuality, sensuality, and creativity. Take a look and see if any make you want to grab your resume and go for it.

Sex toy designer
We are living in a sex toy renaissance. With so many new materials, shapes, and technologies to explore, working on these devices is like being a part of a new, sexually creative frontier. For those seriously interested in this career, here’s an in-depth article on sex toy design from Faces of Design. Or read about one guy’s dream job designing pleasure objects.
You might like this job if you’re into: Art; industrial design; technology; engineering; anatomy; and the science of sexuality.

Sex surrogate
Some sex therapists send patients to sex surrogates as part of their treatment. The surrogate can stand in for the patient’s sex partner to help with specific problems or they can help people who have no partner to practice with. Try not to confuse this job with prostitution. (Even though, as Jezebel points out, there are some similarities.) Yes you’re having sex as part of your job, but it’s technically therapy.
You might like this job if you’re into: Social work; healing arts; helping others; psychology; and exploring sex as therapy.

Erotic cake artist
While this career might seem like a novelty, we’ve seen (and tasted) adult cakes that could go head-to-head with the most expensive wedding cakes. It requires the same baking skills and artistry as any cake maker, but you also get to learn what kind of frosting looks most like semen. What do erotic cakes look like? We googled it for you. (Obviously NSFW.)
You might like this job if you’re into: Baking (duh) and culinary arts; illustrating and sculpting (in frosting and batter); and erotic entertainment (in the form of desserts).

If any of our readers have one of these jobs, please tell what you love about your work in the comments section under this column. We’d also like to hear about other frisky careers that you find interesting, so please let us know below.

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