Would you go there? Dating someone off-limits

We asked if it’s ever OK to go after your BFF’s ex. We talked about dating someone who your friends hate. We also offered suggestions in case you and your friend want to shag the same person.

Ultimately, these are variations of a theme: Is it ever OK to date someone who is off-limits?

Well, that depends…

Are they much older or married or not of the same faith? Are they in jail? Those can be tricky things to overcome, but they might not be deal-breakers in certain unique situations.

But, there must be some kind of off-limits person you should steer clear of, right? Or some relationship scenario to avoid at all times? Obviously someone abusive is 1000% off-limits. And it’s not OK to date a close, blood relative.

Who else should be off-limits?

We’d really like to hear from you this time. Please post a comment and tell us who’s off-limits to you. Your insight might help someone and that’s a very cool thing.

Tell it like it is,

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