Nice and easy: The perks of slowing down

Warp speed can be fun. (Especially when it’s the do-me-now variety.) But downshifting can feel good too. Especially when you want to make your summer of love last as long as possible. Here’s how to put the brakes on and enjoy it.

Slow down your…

  • Foreplay. 21 erotic minutes of foreplay increase your chance of orgasm, but why stop there? Take even more time to whip each other into an explosive frenzy and see what comes of it.

  • Touching. Let your fingertips wander and give someone thrills and chills over and over again. Never forget: Your hands are a great sex toy. Use them slowly and deliberately.

  • Kissing. When you really want someone, there’s nothing like a long, deep kiss. Focus on it. Let it build until you have to have each other.

  • Smelling. Scent and sex are totally connected, so take your time to smell your partner. Like, their real smell and not just their cologne or deodorant. Pheromones may increase your attraction to each other.

  • Breathing. Tantrikas know why we suggest this. In addition to being relaxing, slow synchronized breathing can also help you connect during sex.

  • Communicating. Nothing wrong with texting, tweeting, and posting pics and vines, but when was the last time you wrote a love letter? Or had a long talk with your S.O.? We know it sounds like what they teach us in kindergarten, but expressing your feelings and being a good listener really can fuel a romance.

  • Worrying. Pregnancy scares and STI close calls are worrisome. That’s why we recommend preparing now so you don’t have to stress later. Check out the most effective birth control methods and ones that prevent STIs. Then make sure you’re covered.

In your experience, does slowing down actually heat things up in a relationship? What else should we take slow? We’d love you to add your tips and ideas in the comments.


P.S. Do the men in your life understand birth control? Have ‘em laugh and learn with our Guy’s Guide.

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