Frisky Friday Top 5: How to scare the crap out of your date (on Halloween)

Hearts will pound. Muscles will tense. Goose bumps will appear. Breathing will become heavy. Are we describing fear or orgasms?

Both induce an adrenaline rush, but for the sake of Halloween, this time we’re talking fright night/date night. (But here’s a piece on the big O because those are fun too.) Now, get ready to go out and grab each other.

1. Watch the Scariest Horror Film You Can Find.
Select one that neither of you have seen and watch it at night in the dark. There are many movie lists to get you started, like these from Time Out and Entertainment Weekly. How you’ll know it’s a good one: You’ll scream, cover your eyes, cling to each other, and fear going to bed alone (which is a great excuse to keep someone around all night).

2. Tour a Terrifying Haunted House.
We’re not talking Disney scary. That would be too easy. The haunted houses we want you to tour are the kind that should sell Depends at the door. Here’s a list of the 31 must-see haunted houses across the U.S. and this is a video of one in Fort Worth, Texas, that tops the list.

3. Go Shark Diving or Sky Diving.
Which would you choose? Razor sharp shark teeth inches from your face or jumping out of a plane and falling towards Earth at 120 MPH? Both are death defying. Both will unleash a crazy amount of adrenaline. Both should only be done with professionals who can ensure your safety. Duh.

4. Experience Real Paranormal Activity.
Do you watch Paranormal Witness or A Haunting? Real-life ghost hunting is no joke. Since almost every town in America has a creepy location with a ghost story, chances are good you can join an expert on an eerie walking tour near you. Or you can pick one of these believed-to-be-haunted destinations and make a trip out of it.

5. Face a Fear.
Plan a date around something you’re afraid of. Hate spiders or snakes? Many zoos and aquariums have insect and snake exhibits. Get close to the creepy crawly things that bug you. Freaked out by needles? Donate blood together. It may scare you, but it’s such a good deed to bond over. Do clowns make you pee yourself a little? Find a clown-heavy circus and sit in the front row or take a clown course and become what you loathe. You get the idea.

Got something to add to our list? We’re looking for more chills and thrills, so please post your date ideas in the comments.

Happy Halloween,

P.S. While we clearly like a good fright, a pregnancy scare is not one we recommend. Be sure to use the most effective birth control that’s right for you.

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