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It'll be just like riding a bike but this time with no wheels


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Covid has taken so much from us. At the very bottom of that list are our social graces. We have all turned into slightly more disgusting (and let’s be honest, slightly more real) versions of ourselves. Which could be a good thing since it’s helpful to weed out people early on who weren’t going to like us when we got comfortable anyway. But it’s also nice to, like, sit in a chair and have someone bring you a drink and act like a real person for a couple of hours. So here are the skills you’re going to need to brush up on in order to do that.

These conversation starters will help you avoid the second date funk

Second dates can be hard. You’re transitioning from the light, sparkling banter of a first date to deeper stuff. You know you need to be vulnerable to find out if this is a good match for you, but this person is also still basically a stranger. We’re help to help you navigate these tricky waters with deep questions that aren’t too deep. You’ll get to know the person but neither of you will leave the date feeling laid bare. Unless that’s how you want it to go (wink wink).

Let's face it, that's all we're going to get

Welp. This is why we can’t have nice things. In case we thought maybe 2021 would be a year with less chaos and tomfoolery than 2020, we didn’t have to wait long to have that cleared up for us. We really couldn’t make it through one full week, could we. And now there’s mutant COVID coming for us from the UK (thanks for nothing, Prince Charles, you really f-ed it up again!). So we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips for having a romantic night in, which is the only kind of romantic night any of us are going to be having any time soon.