Bone appetit: 10 sexy things to add to your grocery order this week

Your sexy summer grocery list

Summer’s heat has peaked, but there’s still more time for you to bring the best parts of the season into the bedroom (or kitchen, or living room…). One reason we love summer so much is because of how delicious it can be. Summer tastes tangy, sweet, and juicy—all flavors that set the mood for sensual fun. Sex is a good time that happens to pair well with food. So why not bring some treats into your foreplay?

You may have heard the urban legend that certain fruit (say, pineapples) can make vaginal or seminal fluid taste, well, fruity. That’s not quite accurate. While your diet certainly can affect your bodily secretions, there’s no evidence that eating certain foods (even in large quantities) will change the taste of your fluids. Even if it did, it would be subtle. It’s still a vagina after all. So basically, don’t eat a whole pineapple in the morning and expect to taste like a tropical oasis at bedtime.

Instead think of food foreplay more as an easy way to get all your senses involved during sex—and to satisfy any munchies you might have before your mouth gets busy doing other stuff.

In general, if you’re eating near or on your sheets, you want to choose foods that clean up easily. So crackers are definitely out, unless you have a thing for rolling on crumbs (which, that’s cool if you do!). And remember not to actually put any food inside your vagina or on your vulva. That’s a literal recipe for an infection.

Whet your appetite with this shopping list of foods that go well with sexy time:

1. Pineapples

No, you might not be able to taste whether your partner has eaten this sweet and tart fruit during oral sex. But trail it just about anywhere else on your partner’s body, and it will bring you a mouthful of juicy joy.

2. Chocolate syrup

We’re partial to chocolate in syrup form because of the drip factor. Sure, you could use chocolate bars or make your own sauce if you’re feeling sassy. But for quick and messy (and yummy) fun, nothing beats a squeezable bottle you can use to paint a masterpiece.

3. Strawberries

Do it for the bold red. With their quirky little heart-like shapes, strawberries are the perfect fruit to add to your lovemaking session. Their bold, tangy flavor is the stuff of summer fling dreams. Make an arrow of strawberry slices pointing downward on your lover’s tummy and slowly eat the fruit before you go down on bae.

4. Olives

Olives are technically fruit, even though we don’t tend to put them in that category. They will give you bit of saltiness to counterbalance the sweet taste of your lover. Slide an olive on each of your partner’s fingers and then suck them off one by one. (Be careful of any pits, though!)

5. Grapes

Naturally small and sugary, grapes are an easy choice for a snack that travels well to the bedroom. We’re partial to red grapes for their adorably plump shape and juicy taste. Try eating a grape and then kissing deeply, or swiping a grape from your lover’s mouth.

6. Caramel sauce

Go the salted caramel route if the buttery notes of the traditional sauce are too sweet. If blindfolding hits the spot for you or bae, exchange chocolate for caramel or even a strawberry sauce and have them guess which one is drizzled on you.

7. Candy Shoe Strings

Remember the licorice shoe strings from the candy store? Put a candy-coated twist on bondage in the bedroom by using them to tie each other up. Setting your partner free by nibbling the strings will be half the fun.

8. Cucumbers

Yes, cucumbers are also fruit, but this time, we’re in love with the crunch of this outcast melon. Texture is a huge part of foreplay. A crisp bite of cucumber is sure to bring some variety to all the delicious things happening in your mouth before or during sex. Try covering up nipples or navels for garden-inspired body art.

9. Popsicles

The ultimate summer treat combines something to cool you #down with a bright burst of yum. Treat popsicles during sex much like you would ice cubes: tickle the small of their back, the nape of their neck, or let the chilly juice drip down your chin onto their chest. And if you feel like sharing, maybe give them a lick or two—of popsicle or something else.

10. Honey

This is a sticky situation anyone would love to be in. It’s pretty easy to make a mess with honey, so go all in and finger paint a design on your lover on your favorite part of their body. Have fun during clean up (no hands allowed!).

Written by Dara Mathis

Dara Mathis is a freelance writer whose work focuses on pop culture, feminism, and motherhood. A Florida girl at heart, she lives in Maryland with her family, which includes a yappy mini-Schnauzer.

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