Party of One: Go out and experience how good independence really feels

Date nights are great. So are nights out with friends. But there’s something empowering that happens when you go out alone. It’s as if nothing can stop you from living the life you want to live. If that sounds good to you, here are four ideas to get you out there.

1. Take that class you’ve wanted to try. It could be ballroom dancing, beer brewing, zumba or yoga or trapeze, skydiving, charcoal sketching, karate, sewing, fixing your car’s engine, or baking French macarons. The only thing that matters is that you’re into it. For the shy: Classes keep you busy, so there is minimal socializing; try to focus on the instruction without feeling self-conscious.

2. Get that spa treatment that makes you melt. A cheap mani/pedi is always good, but with so many sites offering discounts and deals, why stop there? Facials, Thai massage, foot reflexology, spray tans, ayurvedic dosha balancing, and ginger infused salt scrubs… There’s a sensual, relaxing, exotic, beautifying experience just waiting to bliss you out.

3. Attend a lecture or book reading that’ll feed your mind. Put on your smarty-pants and go hear someone talk about something that interests you. Authors, professors, musicians, actors, scientists, athletes, political pundits, architects, historians, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, and wild adventurers constantly tour so we can get to know them better in person. Bonus: Book readings are often free at libraries and bookstores.

4. Look for something new. Take yourself shopping. Yes, new shoes count, but so does picking up complex ingredients for a bold new recipe, hunting for vintage bargains at a flea market, grabbing advanced gear for a sport you enjoy, or hitting up an art store for project supplies. You could also go to a nursery for plants or search for affordable art. The goal: Choose a shopping destination that has meaning and get something that you’ll truly value.

Speaking of new and getting something that you’ll value… whether you’re in a relationship or not, this might be an ideal time to look into more effective birth control. Getting on the right method can feel empowering too, so why not check out your options.

And if you’re looking for even more stuff to do on your own, Time Out never lets us down.

Have fun out there,

P.S. Avoid the awkward: Here’s how to talk to anyone about sex and birth control.

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