TMI: Can you really share too much?

You know how much we appreciate honest conversations about sexual health and birth control. And we love talking intimately about life and relationships. We also love it when you’re chatty, effusive, candid, and loquacious. Hell, we even like it when you’re mouthy, snarky, boisterous, and blunt.

But can you go too far or reveal too much?

Lena Dunham doesn’t really believe in over-sharing, but your grandma might. The truth is some people are offended or embarrassed by risqué topics like sex positions you’ve tried, the new sex toy you read about, STI prevention, or the birth control you enjoy.

Is that their problem? Yeah. Should you care? If a person is important to you and you respect their comfort level, we think it’s okay to watch what you say and try to make your point with some sensitivity. We don’t want you to shrink your voice or be someone you’re not. We just think there’s room to express your thoughts and experiences in different ways depending on your audience.

Ultimately, you have to be you and that includes unapologetically expressing what you think and feel. Just don’t forget that conversations can have consequences and communicating responsibly is a good thing. (In the same way that having bed-rocking, amazing, responsible sex is a good thing.)

Is there such a thing as TMI? Do you ever watch what you say around people? We’d like to hear what you think about this subject, so please post your comments on Bedsider.


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