How to be deliciously, luxuriously, and unapologetically single

Being in a relationship has its perks. So does being single. Why then do so many of us feel like something is wrong or missing when we’re not in a relationship?

Maybe it’s because we equate relationships with being loved and valued, and without one we feel less loved and valued. (BTW, that’s totally effing false.) Here’s a little more on that phenomenon. And more importantly, here’s how to embrace your single status—and have fun with it—because you’re lovable, worthy, amazing, and alluring 100% of the time… whether you’re involved with someone or not.

  • Don’t wait. If there are things you won’t do because you think they’re for couples or you want to do them with someone, don’t put them off. Life is short. Surround yourself with the experiences you desire now. Live the life you want now.

  • Don’t worry. We can’t tell you when it will happen, but we know it will happen. You will have a relationship, if that is what you want. Sometimes it simply takes time to find the right person. Sometimes it takes working on yourself first. Try to be patient and trust it’ll happen.

  • Say yes (when it feels right). Saying yes can be very empowering, exciting, and even romantic. If something—or someone—piques your interest in a good way, you don’t have to hold back. Being single gives you freedom to do as you choose.

  • Say no (when it feels wrong). We also hope you’ll honor your feelings when you want to say no. That goes for declining dates, party invitations, job offers, or anything really. No is not a bad thing. Especially if it means you won’t have to suffer through something—or someone—that you know is not right for you.

  • Be loving towards yourself. The world can be a tough place. Don’t make it harder by being your own worst critic. Treat yourself with the same kind of kindness, encouragement, and acceptance you’d give to others.

  • Be brave. We all have moments of fear and doubt. Don’t let that stop you. We know it’s not easy, but the universe rewards the brave.

  • Nurture all kinds of relationships. Romantic relationships are not the only source of love. Family and friends can provide incredible support and fulfillment. You do not have to feel lonely or less loved just because you’re single. Tap into the love that already exists in your life.

  • Fool around with your independence. Being single is a great time to get to know your body and what you like. Explore more.

  • Be classy and smart-assy as needed. If your singleness makes someone else uncomfortable, remember it’s their issue. Stay strong, keep embracing where you’re at in life, and don’t let an awkward comment or criticism get you down.

One more thing: Whether your single life includes sex with others or not, make sure your birth control is always covered. We also highly recommend keeping condoms around since you never know when you’ll need to protect yourself against pregnancy and STIs. If something—or someone—unexpected comes along, you’ll want to be ready.

What do you love about being single? How do you deal with people who assume you’re lonely and lost without a significant other? Your stories and snappy comebacks will be much appreciated.


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