June Horoscopes: Summer loving starts now

Blue skies and balmy days are back! But even if that’s not the forecast where you are, June has some very delicious days for your sign.


Have you been following the rules? Are you keeping your life on track by sticking to some sort of rigid plan? Well, it looks like that’s about to pay off. Expect some long-time-comin’ rewards for all of your hard work. But—and this is important—make sure you are honest and reliable this month. If you skimp there, it could bite you in the butt. Success is yours in June if you pay attention to what’s needed and focus your drive on realistic solutions.


If you want more commitment from someone, you can work through stuff and make it happen around the 1st. It might be bumpy for a minute as things shift into place, but you can have a solid relationship. You’ve made a lot of progress lately. Be proud of yourself. Also, pay attention to health and wellness toward the end of June. Something might make you say, “Shit! Not this again.” But you can handle it.


You are on an adventurous path of self-discovery and finding all sorts of original, incredible things that make you special. We see you moving forward with the feeling that you can’t go wrong. Enjoy this! Right now you are especially equipped to face mental challenges and sudden shifts. You’ve also got momentum going for you. And here’s one more awesome thing: You’re also a total sex machine this month. The hottest love affair of your year could show up towards the end of June. (Have birth control ready.)


You love details. And we love that you are so great with them. But June might find you blowing little things out of proportion, arguing over small details, and being overly meticulous. It’s possible that you are projecting some inner frustration and confusion over your own life. Denial is easier, but it won’t help you figure out your path. Between the 20th and the 30th, things will cool off and life will become gentler as you’re able to go with the flow.


If you’ve been feeling a little insecure, June is the month to go out with renewed confidence. You’re exuding beauty, charisma, and vitality now, and after the middle of the month there’s the possibility of meeting a new partner through a social scene invite. Prepare to have fun. And listen to your inner voice too. It might point you towards change and that’s a good thing. Doing something different is very positive for you at this time.


There may be too much heat to handle this month, especially after the 20th when you’ll want an outlet for your amazing seduction skills. But you desire an intense mixture of physicality, depth, and authenticity—not just some superficial hookup—so be patient and persistent. Any frustration or setbacks will ease up around the 25th when your confidence flows, the sex gets more satisfying, and you connect in a caring way with someone you’re into.


Sometimes it can feel like our goals and wishes are going unfulfilled no matter how much we work on them. Can you relate? Is it bringing you down? Are you obsessing over stuff trying to get what you want? Know that this will pass. Try to rest more than usual and nurture yourself with things like yoga or working on nutrition. Maintaining good health should be a priority for you now, including sexual health. And accept invites around the 21st—they’ll lift your spirits.


Expect to lay low and work hard this month. You’ve got a powerful presence now—exuding many capabilities and a logical perspective—and you’ll be called on to calm a few storms. But around the 22nd, you may experience an energy dip. Please take extra care of yourself through the end of the month. You may sense that some change is coming at work, in your love life, or having to do with personal finance. Roll with it. These will be helpful changes.


Things are coming together for you and you’re glowing with confidence. In nautical terms, you’ve got wind in your sails! If you experience any romantic tension—especially towards the end of the month—it will probably lead to passionate time in the bedroom. Sometimes fights with lovers can be catalysts for increased vulnerability and intimacy. As you release a bit of restless energy and have a lot of fun doing it, try not to overspend or burn out.


What’s with all the miscommunications, random mishaps, and drama? Is it making you want to run and hide? We know you’re sensitive and sometimes try too hard to fix stuff and make things right without much help from others. Please take care of yourself, don’t take on more than is needed, and get support from others. After the 22nd, things get much easier and you’ll get your groove back at work or school. FYI: A soothing spa treatment will do you good too.


What is your heart’s desire? Whatever it is, this is the month to go get it. An awesome shift is happening in your world. Expect more money, passion, and fun. Especially after the 15th. Your timing is flawless. You’re feeling powerful and lighting things up. You’re chatting people up and charming their pants off. Your drive is on turbo-boost and you’re having luck networking. You’re attracting flirtatious, playful energy from others. Enjoy life right now. It doesn’t get much better than this.


Two words: Sexual attention. You’re noticing others. They’re noticing you. Get ready because the spotlight on amour might be so intense that it’s overwhelming. If you want it all now, but have to wait, it might be helpful to try some self-pleasing techniques or to work on patience. Soon, very soon, what you desire will be in your bed. Side note: Stay on top of your work and finances at the end of the month to make sure you take in as much as you spend.


P.S. If you’re still paying out-of-pocket for birth control even though you have health insurance, read this.

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