Anniversary gifts: Getting (and giving) what we really want

If you’re traditional, you exchange leather for your 3rd. Lace for your 13th. Rubies for your 40th. If you’re more modern, there’s appliances on your 4th. Watches on your 15th. Diamonds on your 60th. We’re talking about wedding anniversary gifts and what you’re supposed to give based on how many years you’ve been married.

Single, but in a relationship? There’s a dating anniversary gift list too. One month in and they say it’s good to give candy. Three months in and it’s a DVD or concert tickets. Three years together and it’s travel, lingerie, or a sexy game.

Is it just us or could these lists use a makeover? Here’s a list of the relationship milestones we’d like to celebrate—and the gifts that go with them.

  • Just agreed to commit and be monogamous: An IUD or implant.

  • Just got an IUD or implant inserted: Flowers.

  • First major trip together: Safe word. (Just in case you get lost/stressed/annoyed, you say the safe word and the other person has to drop the subject—no matter what—for instant peace.)

  • Just moved in together: Bedding.

  • First big fight: Lube. (For laughs and make-up sex.)

  • Just met each other’s parents: Booze.

  • Hosted your first holiday where you brought both of your families together: Spa day. (Maybe throw in a little champagne.)

  • Decided together to try some new stuff in bed: Sex toys.

  • First time you meet your partner’s ex: Lingerie.

  • Found out you’re pregnant (after you’ve been trying): A favorite book from your childhood.

  • Found out you’re not pregnant (after a pregnancy scare): A night out and a good conversation about life, love, goals, and possibly upgrading your method.

  • You have a fur baby (i.e. get your first pet together): Frame. (Because you’re gonna take sooooo many pics.)

  • Ending your first dry spell: Massage oil candle.

  • Survived a life-changing event and supported each other through it: Jewelry with an inscription of gratitude.

What unique things do you commemorate in a relationship and what gifts do you give? We know there are more milestones to celebrate, so share yours in the comments and let’s keep the list growing.


P.S. Fact: You would look awesome in a Bedsider t-shirt.

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