Do you wanna touch: Foot reflexology to get you in the mood

Foot reflexology is a type of massage therapy where pressure is applied to specific points on the feet. Each point corresponds to a part of the body—like your liver, eyes, gallbladder, or shoulders—and when those points are rubbed, you get therapeutic results ranging from relaxation to stimulation.

In the bedroom, foot reflexology is great for melting stress, but it’s also a sensual way to help a partner get their motor running, if you know what we mean.

Inner Ankles

  1. Start by rubbing the feet gently with just enough pressure to release tension in the muscles. Some lotion or body oil will help your fingers glide over their feet.

  2. After a few minutes, make your way to the anklebone, the one on the inside of the leg.

  3. Gently use your thumbs to make small circles in the hollow beneath the anklebone. After you rub the tips of your thumbs back and forth across this sensitive area, make sure to go all the way around the ankle and towards the Achilles tendon too.

  4. This is the part of the foot that relates to the sex organs and it can relieve sexual tension and awaken the vagina or penis. Just go easy. The area can be quite sensitive.

This is a special way to nurture someone and add a little oomph to your boot knocking. (It’s also extra amazing after a day spent in shoes that hurt. Just saying.)


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