February horoscopes: Love is in the air

Our astrologer predicts a lot of action under the covers in February—and not because it’s Valentine’s Day. Read on to see what the stars have in store for you.

You’ve got so much creativity brewing right now and you’re a total star at work or school. The momentum is huge. And it gets better. You’re about to feel this energy in the bedroom too! As your love life gets lit up mid-month, try to trade in some of your cool, aloof brilliance for a primal urge to really connect with your blissful body.

You’re incredibly intuitive, sensitive, and sincere, but sometimes a project or person doesn’t deserve it. Now might be one of those times. What you need is a wild romp to get you out of your head and into some physical intensity. Hot sex, a good workout, or speaking your mind without holding back would all be great for you. Things will look up soon!

Hey there, big spender—maybe you should check in on why you feel the need to shop so much now. This is a much better time to save or invest. And it looks like your sex drive has been off the charts. Expect that to calm down, but in a good way. After the 23rd, you may be faced with a relationship decision. If you have to choose, go for a long-term partner. It’ll be worth it.

You’re due for an entire day in bed doing nothing but eating and having sex. And that day is likely to fall at the beginning of February. Get ready for steamy, dreamy bedroom adventures. After that, when you go back to work or school, there may be an argument waiting with a competitive co-worker. Don’t let your stubbornness make it worse. P.S. Look for extra money coming your way at the beginning of the month.

If you find something you love coming to a standstill—and it’s making you feel like a breakup is near—have no fear. This is part of being alive. You can handle it. Change is good. It might be time to reset things and reboot your life! Some healing playtime will work wonders. You won’t feel lost forever. By the end of the month you’ll be much more vivacious.

During the first half of February, you’re having major realizations about relationships. The clarity is bringing big a-ha moments and you’re exploring questions like, “Are power struggles worth it if they only get in the way of a deeper relationship?” This is all good, but might leave you a little tense. And you know what’s good for tension? Sex. Let your sensuality take care of you.

If a certain challenge is starting to wear you down, know that you will get through it. It’s just one of those rough moments that you have to face and move past. To alleviate stress, we recommend some time in the sack. Or you could get dressed up, go out, and flirt away the tension. That’ll work too. P.S. Watch your health this month and really try to avoid colds or the flu.

You’re super confident this month and that’s fabulous because you’re going to get opportunity after opportunity to impress people. Go for what you want. Relationships. Wealth. Achievements. Choose wisely, focus on it, and see what you can manifest. P.S. Try to conserve your energy now. You’re so enthusiastic that you could spread yourself too thin.

Is there a sexual revolution going on in your bedroom? Looks like you’re enjoying sex as a way to burn off pressure from work or school. (If that’s true, remember the birth control.) From Valentine’s Day on, someone surprisingly new might be joining you for all that sexy time. They’ll be calm and levelheaded with just a bit of a wild side. Be safe and have fun. This is going to give you more patience where you were previously stressed or frustrated.

When you’re on the prowl, people take notice. You are craving some one-on-one action and will have no trouble attracting an intuitive partner who will suit your needs. We see romantic gestures coming your way. You might even be swept away for Valentine’s Day. P.S. We love how feisty you are, but watch out for petty arguments. You don’t always have to be a lover and a fighter.

Too much work. Not enough sex. There. We said it. Now is a good time to reconnect with your sexuality and sensuality. Do your hair. Put on the sexy undies. Get in a favorite workout. And pay attention to the little details, like wearing perfume or getting waxed. By the end of the month you’re going to feel more balanced and exude a sexy spark.

Boom! Did you feel that? Sexual energy is exploding all around you and you’re going to need an outlet. Fortunately, there will be many opportunities that you won’t be able to resist. (Please have your birth control ready.) Someone who connects with you on the soul level is about to rock your world with a connection that is deeper than you anticipated. Trust it and enjoy the ride.


P.S. A Bedsider t-shirt would make an awesome Valentine’s Day gift. Just sayin’.

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