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March horoscopes: Here comes the sun

Spring is a welcome change. We’re craving sunnier days and simple pleasures like a vase of fresh flowers. Read on to see what good things are coming your way in March. And even if it hasn’t warmed up yet where you are, get ready because it will and it’s gonna be glorious.

There’s plenty of life, love, and sex for you to experience this month. It’s as if anything is possible and your heart is full and inspired, especially around the 13th. Now is a great time to ask yourself: Is this really the relationship I want? The job I want? Am I being fulfilled? Because you’ve got the power to create your own reality. Think about what matters to you and surround yourself with that.

Things are kinda dreamy and spiritual now. Like fewer cocktails and bootie calls, more mantras and moments of reflection. Time for some tantric sex? That could bring a sacred vibe to your boudoir. At work or school, you’re holding a steady pace and getting things done. You’re maturing and channeling your inner fire into a smoldering successful slow burn that’ll take you the distance in all you pursue.

The things you hope for are happening right before your eyes. It’s as if all the good stuff is pushing away all the stuff that isn’t worth your time—that includes stale relationships and unfulfilling sex. This is your time for awesomeness. Let the mediocre stuff go. In bed, you really are merging souls, not just bodies. You’re also extra intuitive and spiritually minded this month, so trust your gut.

It’s hard to feel sexy and playful when you’re overwhelmed. Do you feel underwater? Fortunately you don’t just float—you flourish. Expect your usual buoyancy to kick in towards the end of the month. After the 23rd, fresh energy is on the way. BTW, that energy may add a lot of oomph to your sex life. (As in mind-blowing, fierce sex sessions. Do not forget the birth control.)

You seem to be exposing your heart more and opening yourself up to a sweet vulnerability. This can deepen the bond between you and the object of your desire, especially after the 12th. This is your month to be a homebody—you’ve got the domestic goddess thing happening. After the 23rd, you might get wound kind of tight. Try to be gentle with yourself and others.

Your friends may seem super sensitive in March and that might drain you. Also, you might have to win over a challenging partner around the 15th. Why would you endure a challenging partner? Because this one is teaching you something about maturity, self-control, and stamina. Your fire burns brighter after the 23rd when a burst of vitality might see you enjoying a new workout routine.

Wealth. Love. Success. You have a sense that all of it is within your reach and you’re right. But take it slow and be realistic. It’s going to require some time and you don’t want to rush things. Also, it’s tempting to over-idealize a crush or brand new relationship at this time. Although you’re normally a realist, after the 12th some ultra-romantic situation may cause you to glaze over the details.

If there has been a lot of erratic change lately and you’ve had a rough time, that is now behind you and you’ll be hard to shake this month, especially after the 7th. You and your special someone seem to have some confusion going on. You both have big desires around this relationship. Make sure you put the work into communication. BTW, you’re about to start saving up for something big. Prepare to choose between new shoes now or a tropical vacation later.

Sometimes you want romance, satin sheets, the perfect playlist, and maybe even a candle or two. Other times you want a quickie. Either way, you may crave a real soul connection this month, especially around the 12th. Deeper trust is possible. So is increased sensual satisfaction. BTW, pay attention to what you really want this month. Your focused thoughts are powerful now and you’ll likely get what you envision.

If things have felt slow, that’s going to change. You’re about to zoom to the top at work or school with a ton of new energy. And that energy is going to follow you into the bedroom, where you’ll enjoy some potent, raw physicality. (Be sure to stock up on birth control.) One note of caution: Between the 7th and 20th you may overstep with friends. Try to avoid misunderstandings.

You’re disciplined. You know how to save money. And this month it all pays off when you’re able to put your finances towards a long-time dream. Now, as far as your libido is concerned, you’re in a romantic state of mind. That’s fabulous because around the 23rd, love and lust could merge and light up your life with something/someone new.

Hunger. Craving. Desire. You want something, but what will it be? A new toy? A new partner? If you feel like physical exploration this month, make sure you let yourself wander. You’re aiming high at work or school and enjoying more responsibility. Even if your dreams seem to clash with your current reality, don’t give up on them. Just stay focused. You can create the life and relationships you want.


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