Bathing beauty: Aromatherapy for your sex life

Like baths? Like fragrances that serve a purpose? Like getting it on between the sheets? Then let the splish splashing commence because we know how to make your next soak a sudsy, scented, seductive experience.

These scents are known to arouse and awaken sexual desire—find soap, bubble bath, or high quality essential oils to lightly drizzle into the bath water and see what happens.

  • Ylang ylang. Known as an aphrodisiac. Calming. Inspires feelings of love and security. Boosts the libido.

  • Clary sage. Relaxing. Can help relieve cramps and headaches. May help relieve emotional tension and anxiety. Also known as an aphrodisiac.

  • Ginger. Warming. Spicy. Energizing. Earthy. Strengthens the immune system. May improve communication.

  • Jasmine. Exotic. Soothing. Seductive. Euphoric. May improve intimacy. Also known as an aphrodisiac.

  • Patchouli. Uplifting. May alleviate disappointment and sexual anxiety. Believed to help if one becomes disinterested in sex. Stimulates the sex hormones and adds oomph to the libido. (Can be very strong, so use it lightly.)

  • Rose. Sensual. Romantic. Opens the heart. They say it can help you feel happier and ease relationship conflicts.

Learn more about aromatherapy to ignite your passion.

We hope you have a sensual, sublime time in the tub. And if you go from the bath to the bedroom, don’t forget the birth control.


P.S. Ever wonder what the difference is between combined hormonal birth control and progestin-only methods? We’ll explain it.

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