Hit the shower: From foreplay to getting it on

Don’t slip. Stay warm. Avoid getting soap in your eyes.

Shower sex is tricky. But it’s also sensual and pretty damn awesome if you abide by a few rules.

  1. Have two towels ready for after the shower. Gotta stay warm.
  2. If your shower is too small, use it for foreplay and when you’re turned on and relaxed, get out, dry off, and hit the sheets.
  3. Here’s a NSFW link to the best shower sex positions.
  4. Afraid of falling if you go at it? Bring a waterproof toy to use in the shower. You two won’t have to balance or hold each other up. Just fool around with it and enjoy.
  5. If you need lube, don’t use soap. It could lead to a yeast infection or UTI. Try a personal moisturizer instead.
  6. Don’t lean on things (like towel racks) or grab things (like shower caddies, faucets, or soap holders). They were not designed to support you and you could easily break them and fall.

Unless you want to get pregnant, sex in the shower still requires birth control. If you want to know your options, we’ve got you covered.


P.S. If you ever wondered whether there’s an ideal number of times per week you should knock boots for ever-lasting happiness, read this.

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