Do you wanna touch: Seductive massage tips

There’s massage—therapeutic bodywork performed by licensed professionals—and sensual massage, which you can give to someone as a way to increase intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom. Seriously. It’s seductive. It feels good. And if you touch the right places, it can drive a partner wild with desire.

Sensual massage tips

  • Warm some massage oil by letting it sit in a bowl of hot water. Bring it to a gentle temperature that’s not too cold or too hot. (Side note: If the massage leads to something more, keep that oil away from your condoms.)

  • Turn off your phones. Dim the lights. Lock the door. Eliminate all distractions.

  • Get your playlist ready. It doesn’t have to be spa music. It just has to get you both in the mood.

  • Have your partner get naked and lie on the bed. Because it can get chilly, have an extra sheet ready to cover up half of their body. Bonus: Slipping the sheet down to reveal parts of their body you’re ready to touch can be very erotic.

  • Rub a generous amount of oil between your hands then start with smooth strokes along the neck and shoulders. Linger there, making sure your partner is starting to relax and enjoy the pressure.

  • Move your way down the back with rhythmic, deeper strokes. It’s definitely okay if your body touches theirs while you perform the massage.

  • Arms, legs, hands, and feet should be included for a completely relaxing experience.

  • Buttocks, inner thighs, and the base of the spine are spectacularly sensitive. Pay attention to these locations before you have your partner turn over.

  • Once on their back, add a little more oil to your hands and start with the shoulders again. Then gently skim the chest, barely touching it with the palms of your hands.

You can get creative from there knowing that you’ve paid attention to all the right spots.


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