You and your ex: How to deal after the breakup

Sometimes you get back together with an ex and it’s really good. Sometimes you simply remain friends. And sometimes the thought of your former love makes you throw up a little. This guide is here for you when the ex situation sucks, but you have to deal with them anyway.

Problem: You have all the same friends.
How to deal: Bustle says it doesn’t have to be awkward if you follow a few rules like, “Don’t bad mouth your ex to anybody unless it’s your BFF.” Here’s their list of tips.

Problem: You share custody of a kid.
How to deal: Fortunately, being a bad ex doesn’t mean being a bad parent. Divorce Magazine (saddest magazine name ever) has solid tips to help you co-parent even if you’re not together.

Problem: You’re still sleeping together.
How to deal: If it’s keeping you from moving on to something better, you should probably accept that this is a crutch and stop. Essence has more on how to ex-purge. BTW, if they might be sleeping with other people, make damn sure you’re protecting yourself against STIs and pregnancy.

Problem: They’re dating your friend.
How to deal: This is usually a WTF moment and it can be very painful even if you don’t have feelings for your ex anymore. The Huffington Post has tips so this situation doesn’t drive you insane. We especially appreciate, “Don’t make a scene.” Sounds obvious, but it’s really important/good advice.

Problem: They’re in your face all over social media.
How to deal: Allure says if your ex or a friend who posts about your ex makes you feel bad 7 out of 10 posts, stop following them. You’ll feel better removing the cause of pain. Read on. (Or learn how to block them on Facebook.)

Problem: They want you back.
How to deal: This can be quite the “it’s complicated” scenario. Self has five legit reasons why you should consider getting back together. Ultimately, you’ll have to reflect on this and figure out what you truly want.

We hope your ex situation is as positive as it can be. And if it isn’t, we hope you find a way to keep the peace.


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