June horoscopes: Kicking off summer with some juicy predictions

Summer is here and we’re giddy over lounging poolside while checking out a certain someone’s backside. (What’s summer without a harmless crush or two?) Our astrologer sees a lot to love in June. Read on to see what’s in store for you.

Your brilliant mind has been busy daydreaming about all you desire. You keep thinking about relationships and work or school, but when you check in with a boss, teacher, or significant other, you kind of feel unheard or ignored. Fear not! There’s valuable stuff to learn as you deal with this. Practice self-love now. It will help you cope.

Even when your partner is going through something tough, you have a nurturing style that helps calm the storm. That even extends to your sex life and in June you may experience more gentle, emotional sex. If your relationship feels demanding, take time to rest and work on balance. You’ll need energy for your own growth and success.

You’re in hardcore work-mode and leading the pack, but the 1st through the 10th it may feel like the rest of the team isn’t on the ball. Resist the urge to push them harder. Instead, it might benefit you to dial it down a notch. It’s not the time to force anything. It is a good time to take a look around. You may have an admirer trying to get your attention. By the end of the month this spark may turn into full-on attraction.

Big-time romance feels possible right now. Maybe with that special someone you’ve been dreaming about for a long time? Have faith and during the first week of June, watch for signs that someone wonderful is on the way. But that doesn’t mean you should put them up on a pedestal—see them realistically and make sure they deserve you.

Are you having steamy fantasies about getting physical? It’s creating a potent love vibration that may attract a new partner, especially just before June 22nd. Be patient. This person may have a lot going on and a few priorities that come before you. You’ll know if this person is right for you towards the end of the month.

An issue from earlier this year pops up again. You don’t want to wait and see. You seem to want to tackle ASAP. Please take your time. Not everything is as it appears. Dwell on the questions that linger. Listen and be patient. After the 20th, confusion will subside and everything will make sense once again.

You’re there for others and really giving in relationships, but is your current love interest really the one for you? Some red flags may appear before June 10th. Try not to shut down. Listening and remaining open will be the wise things to do. It’s not easy navigating the winding road of relationships, but you can do it.

Wash your sheets because smoldering adventure awaits you in bed during the first week of June—we’re talking your deepest desires! That may turn your usual calm, clear-headed self upside down. Thankfully, that only lasts until the 20th. And if you feel like you’re into your lover one day, but not the next, get ready for June 23rd when you’ll have a clear sense of how you truly feel.

Your super cool logic and mediation skills will be called on in your social circle in early June. You’ll be dealing with other people’s communication snafoos—and maybe one or two in your own relationship. If you express yourself well and honor your truth, it looks like you’ll be rewarded with some incredibly intimate moments. But remember letting it out is important now. If you don’t express yourself, you could boil over.

Amazing possibilities are all around you. Things feel dreamy. Try not to let your eyes glaze over though; if challenges pop up too, you’ll want to be ready. If you want June to be a great month, make sure you focus on clarity when you communicate. You and your lover will thank yourselves for doing the dirty work. (Perhaps with more opportunity to be dirty. Wink, wink.)

Are you and your partner really hearing what the other is saying? It seems like someone isn’t being heard. Try listening instead of leading. After June 16th, your work on communication will pay off as your passion ignites in and out of the bedroom.

Through June 8th, it looks like you’ll have a lot of sensual pleasures to explore. We’re talking total bliss. Try not to lose yourself in it. Work and/or money issues will require you to be especially practical now. (So hold of on splurging, if you can.) After the 23rd, you’ll find balance between playtime and productivity.


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