How to speak lingerie: Balconette, bandeau, and bullet bras

We’ve demystified a few lingerie terms so you can try them out (and maybe have someone special take them off).

What it is: A bra that’s cut straight across the breasts, giving them a lifted look as if they were on a shelf…a very alluring shelf. (It really shows off your breasts.)
When to wear it: With something fitted that has a low-cut, open neckline.

What it is: A soft, strapless bra that wraps around the chest. Typically comprised of a wide band that holds the breasts in place.
When to wear it: Under a fitted jacket or open sided shirt. Good for boatneck tops if you don’t want straps to show. Here are some ways you can work it.

Bullet bra
What it is: Bullet bras feature pointy cups that give breasts a distinct, lifted cone shape. Very retro. Made popular by pin-up girls from the 50s.
When to wear it: Under sweaters when you want a va-va-voom look. (Because it really puts breasts front and center.)

BTW, if you wear one of these, have your birth control ready because they’re sexy as hell and that might lead to something.


P.S. Good news for people with clitorises: research on pleasure and the female anatomy is finally a thing. Get to know OMGYes.

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