Fitness for fooling around: Best cardio workouts

Cardio helps you keep going when you’re getting it on. It also helps with blood flow and that’s a good thing because blood flow to your punani is an important part of sexual arousal. Then there are all of the other benefits too like heart health, increased metabolism, better moods, and a stronger immune system.

From Daily Burn—here are the 4 best cardio workouts that don’t involve running:

1. Indoor cycling
Indoor cycling gives you all of the benefits of a great cardio workout without having to face rain, snow, or summer heatwaves. To make the most of your workout, Daily Burn suggests stepping up your cycling game by, “adding more resistance during quick sprint sessions.”

2. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
HIIT is chock full of exercises like sprints and lunges with periods of rest in between each round. While it may be tempting to push yourself to the limit, Daily Burn says to “make sure you’re giving your body it’s deserved rest periods.”

3. Indoor rowing
Want a total body workout? Daily Burn says indoor rowing is the way to go. In fact, “every stroke you take incorporates 84 percent of your muscles.”

4. Plyometrics
According to Daily Burn, plyometrics are a “method of metabolic conditioning reliant on explosive movements (think: hops, bounds and fast feet).” If you’re going to partake in jump squats and burpees, you’ll want to make sure you do them on a semi-soft surface like a rubber floor or grass.

Whatever your fitness goals, we hope you feel great about YOU!



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