September horoscopes: Your autumn is going to be awesome

A new season of opportunities

Sweater weather. Switching from iced coffee to extra hot mochas and lattes. Watching the latest TV shows. September brings a new season and lots of opportunities to enjoy life. Read on to see what’s in store for your sign.

You’ve spent this year looking for powerful relationship insights and in the first week of September, you find them. It might feel like you’re playing catch up, but you are actually zeroing in on the relationship you really want. The end of the month brings a new chance at love—the kind that fulfills your body, mind, and soul.

It’s your turn to be seen and pursued. You’re exuding new levels of charm, beauty, and magnetism, and that’s going to start the month off with some fireworks. If you’re in a relationship, there will be sexy new sparks to enjoy. If you’re single, you may find someone new around the 10th. As the sex gets more adventurous—and more frequent—try to minimize any sexual health risks, especially around the end of the month.

Your relationship intuition is getting much stronger. It’s almost like there’s a spiritual aspect to your romantic decisions and experiences. But keep in mind that your affection will be best expressed behind closed doors where you and your partner can explore the exotic depths of each other. After the 23rd, your social scene lights up. That’ll be the ideal time to come out and play.

It’s going to feel like you’re cleaning up and clearing out your love life. That’s not always easy, but it will create fresh romantic opportunities after you purge what’s not necessary. Making hard choices will usher in new, fun, sexy experiences after the 9th, so please stay on top of your birth control. There’s going to be a strong, sensual surge of passion running through you and there may be many interested prospects who want a taste.

Someone at school or work has noticed your pursuit of achievement and it’s making them want you. If you’re not feeling it at first, wait until the end of the month when you’ll be more receptive to love. Your desire starts to escalate around the 27th, reminding you of your lusty, sensual side. September is going to be fun!

Your natural flirty side is going to shine in September when you’re on the market for more than just friendship. After the 9th, pay attention to signs that point to a playful new partner. (They may even be from another country.) With an increase of your physical vitality, you’ll feel present, magnetic, alive, and smoking hot.

A major realization early in the month makes you want to take action. Is it time to purge something toxic from your life? As you become stronger and more centered, there will be opportunities for self-love and healing. You may want to wait until after the 23rd for sex. That’s when it’s going to be especially mind-blowing.

Looks like your increased sex drive is going to coincide with your increased charisma and charm. Expect magnetic attraction, especially after the 9th. As you party and pursue pleasure this month, work or school may feel a bit boring in comparison to your sultry pursuits. But, don’t get too cozy because an unexpected love-life game changer may occur after the 23rd.

Don’t worry if you feel stuck in a rut around the beginning of the month. You are clearing clutter from your love life and making room for good stuff. It looks like you’ll be putting energy into workouts or cleanses now, maybe even with your love interest. And if you’re single, try to hold out for someone who brings depth to a relationship. That’s going to attract you to them, big time.

You’ve faced some of life’s challenges and paid your dues. Now, a new wave of love luck is finally on its way. You’re exuding new levels of attractiveness and sex appeal through the first week of the month, then the effect doubles after the 9th! Just be careful of projecting too much intensity. (Some of your potent energy has the potential to be misunderstood.)

If you experience any family drama, you may find yourself in full-on caretaker mode and that can make it difficult to have enough energy for your own pleasure. But you need intimacy and comforting sexual connection now, so try to find the time even if your partner is dealing with freedom vs. closeness issues. Because just when the chaos feels too much, the tone will change after the 25th and your needs will be understood and met.

If September arrives with a bit of stress, try not to let it get to you. It won’t last long. After the 9th, your love life is going to heat up. Think back to 2014—it’s going to remind you of the hotness you experienced back then. And although your physicality is ablaze, you’re less drawn to play and more attracted to a serious romantic contender. Wonder who that will be…


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