Frisky Friday Top 5: Flirty emoji to charm someone’s pants off

Flirty texting—maybe it’s something that comes naturally to you, or maybe you find yourself at a loss when you want to translate come-hither feelings into a just a few characters. Luckily, emoji give us an easy way to communicate visually. There are always the good ol’ standbys (Image, anyone?) but here are some more options if you want to switch things up.

twelve rose emoji

  1. Send flowers. Maybe a dozen roses via text don’t quite measure up to the real-life version of the gesture, but they can be a cute way to let someone know you’re thinking about them. (Just please don’t use this on Valentine’s Day as your only attempt at romance. Not. Enough.)

two kiss emoji plus one tortoise

  1. Sloooooowwww things down. If you want to focus on foreplay, and we are fans of that always, this combo conveys your desire to move at a tortoise’s pace.

chick emoji plus bee plus speech bubble

  1. Let’s talk about sex things. The classic sex euphemism, emoji-style. Great sex and clear communication go together like PB&J, so use this combo if you want to coyly start a convo.

finger pointing emoji plus multiple fires

  1. You’re smoking (hot). When your boo-thang is looking extra spiffy, let them know they’re on fire. (You can also just send them this song.)

city skyline emoji plus saxophone plus high heel plus lips

  1. All of the vibes. String these emoji together or pepper them throughout the conversation to set the tone for an electrifying night on the town (or an electrifying night in, if you know what we mean).

And because all the emoji flirting might lead to something, make sure you’ve got your birth control covered.

different colored heart emoji

P.S. Speaking of emoji flirting, have you seen our new #ThxBirthControl cards? So many reasons to say thanks, so many ways to say it.

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