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If you had a sexual experience and you think it might have been assault, we have some questions you can ask yourself.

If you had a sexual experience that didn’t feel right or wasn’t what you wanted, you might have a million questions: What if I was drinking? What if we didn’t go all the way? What if I didn’t ever say “no”? Your experience is your own, and everyone’s story is different. Here are some things to consider.

Whether you call it stealthing, birth control sabotage, or reproductive coercion, taking a condom off during sex without permission is assault.

While survivors and providers have been talking about birth control sabotage for a while now, many people are hearing about stealthing for the first time. We want to be clear: stealthing is not a sex-trend. It’s a nonconsensual act that increases a partner’s risk of pregnancy and STIs.

Turning someone down can be hella awkward. No one wants to be mean, right? Most of us go through life trying pretty hard not to hurt other people’s feelings, and we all know that getting rejected never feels good. But you know what feels even worse? Being strung along and holding out hope for something the other person already knows they don’t want.