Nope. Sorry. Nah. Not gonna happen: How to say no in any situation

You can be the most brazen badass and still find it hard to say no in certain situations.

Why? Because saying no can be awkward. Or it can make you feel guilty or rude. Sometimes it can feel like saying no will cause you to miss out on something. Other times, you might avoid saying no because you don’t like conflict. Or you might fear it’ll lead to losing a friend or significant other. Basically, saying no makes many of us feel disagreeable—and who wants that label?

But here’s some truth: Saying no can be a smart, liberating, healthy, self-respecting thing to do. So please don’t feel guilty when you know that saying no is right for you. There is no shame in saying no, especially if you know how to say it in any situation.

How to say no when someone…

More tips to help you say no with grace and style…

Does all this make you want to say yes to something? We’ve got a hot little list of things to say yes to that will definitely heat up your weekend. And if you’re not quite ready to have a baby, of course we hope you’ll say yes to birth control.


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