Summer of love: How saying yes can heat things up

Your season of yes

Summer turns everything upside down and giddy with its promise of sunshine, downtime, fun, flirting, romance, and sultry flings. Here’s how to make it even hotter than usual.

Say yes to…

  • Every invitation you get.

  • Anything that helps someone in need.

  • Getting physical.

  • Something new. Even better if it scares you.

  • Anyone who offers to teach you something.

  • Anything that’s delicious, including seconds.

  • Anyone who asks you to dance, play, or sing a karaoke duet.

  • Group outings. Even better if you only know one person in the group.

  • That thing you’ve been embarrassed to try in bed.

  • A more effective method of birth control.

  • Something indulgent or out of character.

  • A challenge. (We know you can do it!)

  • A trip.

  • Camping, hiking, picnics, dining al fresco, and anything that gets you outside.

  • Everything that feels healthy and happy.

What else should we be saying yes to? Add your yes to the list and let’s see if we can make this the best summer ever.

Actually, make that a hell yes,

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